Saturday, October 17, 2009

Statistics on homes for sale in Rocklin CA

I just gathered all the data for the HOMES FOR SALE IN ROCKLIN CA 95765 zip code. I counted 179 active listings in that zip code. There are 100 short sale listings and 79 listings. Out of the 79 listings there are only 5 bank owned listings. There have been 119 sold HOMES IN ROCKLIN CA the last 3 months. That is an average of 40 HOMES SOLD PER MONTH IN ROCKLIN CA. That tells me that there is a 4 1/2 month supply of HOMES FOR SALE IN ROCKLIN CA. That is about an average supply of homes on the market. If it was something like 9 months supply of home for sale ,that would tell me that market still has the potential for dropping in price. The average price per square foot of the sold homes was 143 per sq. foot. Last year at the same time the average price per sq ft was 165 per sq ft. If you are looking to BUY A HOME IN THE ROCKLIN CA area, I would say that you have a very good chance at buying your home at the bottom of the market. You can search all the homes for sale in Rocklin at

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