Thursday, October 22, 2009

A sellers market in Sacramento CA

I am sure that a person who hasnt kept up with the real estate market will be shocked that I am now declaring this a sellers market. The number of HOMES FOR SALE IN CITRUS HEIGHTS CA TO SACRAMENTO CA has droped even more in the last month. I just researched the zip code of 95621 and found out that there is only a two and a half months SUPPLY OF HOMES FOR SALE IN CITRUS HEIGHTS. I also researched the SACRAMENTO CA zip code of 95841 and found out that there is only a month and a half supply of homes for sale. It is a sellers market in the 200k and under price range because of the low supply of homes.
It is a perfect time now for the homeowner who has some equity and has a home in the 200k or under price range. A homeowner who now wants to move because they need a larger home or are moving out of the area then this is a perfect time to sell. They will probably get multiple offers on their home.They will have a large supply of homes to choose from in the higher price range. As an example, there is a nine month supply of HOMES FOR SALE IN GRANITE BAY CA. Granite Bay has larger and higher priced homes for sale. A person who buys now will get an incredible 20 or 30 year fixed mortgage rate thus helping there monthly payment to be even more affordalbe.
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