Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Housing Prices: Home Prices Falling Faster in Biggest Cities: Case-Shiller - CNBC

Housing Prices: Home Prices Falling Faster in Biggest Cities: Case-Shiller - CNBC

Monday, June 21, 2010

state of CA first time home buyer credit

There is a tax credit available for first time buyers in CA. You better hurry and get into contract to take advantage of this credit. Here is an article talking about the credit.

Monday, May 10, 2010

easy way to search mls

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Citrus Heights 95621 Market data

April is turning out to be the start of the prime selling season for real estate. As of April 22nd there are 163 active listings in CITRUS HEIGHTS CA 95621. There are 40 active short sales and 69 contingent short sales out of that 163 number. There are 30 bank owned listings and only 24 regular listings. The average price per square foot of the regular listings is 163 per sq ft. The overall average price per square foot is 126 per sq. foot. There are 62 pending sales right now with the lowest pending sale at 99k and the highest is 259k. The average pending sale is 168k. 113 homes sold in the last three months with the lowest home selling for 105k and highest home sold for 410k. The average selling price during the last three months was 177k. The average days on market was 59. There is only a two months supply of inventory for the 95621 zip code. If you are a buyer looking for a HOME FOR SALE IN CITRUS HEIGHTS right now it is going to be tough to find a house with the low inventory of homes for sale.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sacramento foreclosures still rising and so are the home prices


Sacramento Foreclosure Homes Still Up, but Prices Are Rising

By: John Cutts

Sacramento foreclosure homes are still surging, but prices are rising, based on reports from the Sacramento Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors and research firms.

In the counties of Sacramento, El Dorado, Yolo and Placer, the percentage of mortgages in default has risen to 12.29 percent in January 2010, a jump from 11.99 in December 2009 and far above the 7.64-percent level in January 2009. The January 2010 rate was higher than the statewide rate of 11.64 percent and the nationwide rate of 8.66 percent.

All throughout 2009, the default rate increased as the unemployment rate climbed up from around 6 percent to surpass the 12-percent level. According to the California State University-Sacramento and the Chaptered Financial Analyst Institute-Sacramento, joblessness is expected to rise further to 13.5 percent in 2010.

Despite the high default and unemployment levels, the median sales price for homes in the 4-county Sacramento area rose by three percent in January year-over-year, climbing up to $174,830. The median though varies county to county, with El Dorado having the highest median at $310,000. The median price statewide was still high at $287,400 despite the still high number of California foreclosures.

Total sales of homes in the Sacramento area fell by 24.9 percent from January 2009 sales and by 29.5 percent from total sales in December 2009.

Meanwhile, according to an online real estate firm, in the city of Sacramento, sale of foreclosures still dominated the market, holding the average price level at $193,425.

It is not only the high unemployment rate that will push the number of Sacramento foreclosure homes to rise. The high percentage of mortgage borrowers with negative equity will also push more foreclosures. In the Sacramento region, more than 46 percent of all mortgaged homes in the area or 229,417 units were underwater as of the final quarter of 2009.

Sales and prices of new houses in the region were also affected by foreclosures. In February, nearly 90 percent of new house sales were priced below $400,000; 41 percent were priced below $300,000; and 45 percent were in the price range of $300,000 to $400,000. Just 12 percent were priced between $400,000 and $500,000 and no new houses were priced above $600,000.

Nevertheless, according to Metrostudy analysts, the region will recover from record numbers of Sacramento foreclosure homes more quickly than most other large metro areas. The analysts said that the problem of overbuilding is not as grave in Sacramento as in other cities.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roseville CA 95678 market data

I just went through the HOMES FOR SALE IN ROSEVILLE CA 95678 statistics. There are 173 listings in that zip code. Here is a breakdown of the 173 listings. There are 24 bank owned listings, there are 32 short sale listings, there are 78 short sale contingent listings and finally 39 so called regular listings. Twenty two percent are regular listings. These might be homes that investors purchased and then fixed up to sell or just homeowners who have owned their home a long time and still have equity. The lowest active listing price is 59k and the highest active price is 505k. The average days on market is 104, and the average price is 251k. The price per square foot average is 139. There are 69 pending sales right now. The lowest pending sale is 60k and the highest is 415k. The average price per square foot on these pending sales is 141 per sq. foot. There have been 102 homes sold in the last three months. I have caculated that there is a 5 months supply of homes on the market right now. The average price per square foot of the sold homes is 139. The average price came out
to 230k. The lowest sold home was 15k and the highest home sold was 480k.
The average days on market was 65. I did pull up the average price per
square foot of the 39 so called active listings and it is 159 dollars
per square foot. The regular listings are getting a higher asking
price compared to the distressed sales IN ROSEVILLE CA.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Orangevale CA Market data

There are 134 active listings in the Orangevale CA area as of Feburary 25th 2010. Out of the 134 listings, 26 are short sale listing, 45 are short sale contigent listings, 17 are bank owned listings. That leaves 46 so called regular listings. The average days on market is 94 days. The average price per square foot is 155.0. There are 37 pending sales right now with an average pending price per square foot of 146.0. The lowest pending sale is 100,000.0 and the hightest pending sale is 673,000.0. 35 homes have sold in the last three months with an average price per square foot of 143 per square foot. The average price of a sold home was $242,000.0. According to the mls statistics there is a 3.1 months supply of homes on the market as of the end of January 2010. The lowest active home for sale in ORANGEVALE CA IS a nice 793 sq foot home for $129,900.0. The price was just lowered on Feb. 24th.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

North Highlands market statistics

I went into the MLS today and pulled up the market data for HOMES FOR SALE IN NORTH HIGHLANDS CA. There are currently 135 active listings in the 95660 zip code.Out of the 135 listings, 12 are bank owned listings. Thirty Three are short sale listing and 60 are short sale contigent listings. That means these 60 short sale listings allready have offers on them. There are just 30 listings in NORTH HIGHLANDS CA that are not either a short sale or bank owned listing. The average price per square foot is 97 dollars per sq. ft. The lowest listed home right now is $69,900.0 and the highest listed home is $239,000.0. There are currently 72 pending homes for sale on mls right now with the lowest at $59,900.0 and the highest at 249,000.0. There have been 127 homes sold in NORTH HIGHLANDS CA the last three months. That is an average of 42 homes sold per month.The average price per square foot for these sold homes comes out to 99 per sq ft. That means there is a 3.2 months supply of homes for sale in the 95660 zip code. There definatly a difference in prices between the short sale listing and the so called normal listing. The average price per sq ft of the 33 short sale listings is 101 per sq. ft. The average days on market is 70 with an average list price of $113,000.0 The average price per square foot of the 30 normal listings is 121 per sq ft. The average list price is $153,000.0. The average days on the market is 43. You can see by these statistics that if can work on a house, you will save money buying a distressed house in NORTH HIGHLANDS CA.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I was on the CITRUS HEIGHTS MLS today looking over the statistics for the zip code of 95621. I found out that there are currently 158 active listings. Out of the 158 actives, there are 61 active contigent listings. These are the short sale listings that do have offers on them. The average list price per sq. foot is 132.0. Out of the 158 active listings, 24 are bank owned listings and 44 are short sale listings. There are 60 pending HOMES FOR SALE IN CITRUS HEIGHTS CA RIGHT NOW.The lowest pending sale is 99k and the highest pending home sale is 305k. There have been 140 homes sold in the last three months. That is an average of 46 homes sold per month. This data is telling me that there is a 3.4 MONTHS SUPPLY OF HOMES FOR SALE IN CITRUS HEIGHTS CA. Since the average price per sq foot of actives is 132 per sq ft. and the average price per square foot of pendings is 127 per sq ft. This data definatly shows there is no downward pressure on prices in CITRUS HEIGHTS CA. If anything it looks like there is a small upward pressure on prices. The supply of homes is only 15 more than September's supply of homes. The housing market traditionally slows down starting in October so the supply really hasnt increase alot.
I would say given the fact that home buyers get a tax credit and the supply of homes isnt increasing tremendously, 2010 looks like a perfect time to buy a house. If a person needs to search for homes they can go to