Friday, November 20, 2009

Overall statistics of Sacramento county sales

I just wanted to give some statistics for the entire Sacramento county. Back in August 2008 the number of HOMES FOR SALE IN SACRAMENTO COUNTY was 8280. The number of homes for sale in October 2009 was 3325. The number of homes sold in August 2008 was 2244 and the number of homes sold in October 2009 was 1634.The Average price per sq. foot back in August 2008 was 141. The average price per sq. foot in October 2009 was 123. The median price back in August 2008 was 213k. The median price in October 2009 was 185k. We hit a bottom median price of 165k back in Feb. 2009. The number of months inventory for October 2009 is 2 months for the Sacramento county area. We were at 4.2 months of inventory back in Aug. 2008. It should be interesting to see if the banks increase the inventory starting in Jan. 2010 since we know there are many vacant bank owned homes out there.

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