Monday, November 2, 2009

Hot investor zip code

I figured that I would spill the beans on where the hot investor zip code is. It is the North Highlands zip code of 95660. Investors have been buying DISCOUNTED HOMES IN NORTH HIGHLANDS CA for the past year and half now and making a ton of money. There is actually a short supply of homes for sale in the 99k and under price range. There are 60 active listings in the 99k and under price range right now in 95660. The big problem with that is that 46 are active contigent listings. That means they allready have an offer on the house and the listing agent is negotiating with the bank on getting short sale approval. In reality there is only 14 available listings under the 99k price range. Last year you could find many more homes under 100k. A person's window of opportunity to buy a home under 100k in North Highlands is
quickly closing. The investor knows that even at a 90k purchase price on a 3br home that there
mortgage payment on a 15 yr loan is $775.0 per month. They can easily rent that house for $900.0 to $1050.0 per month. This is an incredible opportunity to buy a house where the renter can make your mortgage payments for just 15 years and then you own a house free and clear.

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